YouTuber gives iPhone 7 RED black front and if you do it yourself

Some iPhone fans go to great lengths to give the iPhone 7 black front. Fortunately, there is also a cheaper alternative to the iPhone red 7 black front.

iPhone 7 RED blacken

The reactions to the iPhone 7 RED are surprisingly unanimous: the red back looks good, but the white front we are less positive. Since Friday, you can buy the iPhone red 7, then with a red back and white front plops on your doormat. Online, however, rains reactions of Apple fans who prefer to have a red iPhone with black front. YouTuber Danny Winget wanted this so badly that he made work.

He replaced the white bezel with a black, something easier said than done. He also had white Touch ID button replaced with that of a jet-black iPhone 7, which is an expensive job. For security reasons, Apple’s fingerprint scanner inextricably linked to the secure enclave chip of your iPhone. This will have to be re-connected to your iPhone. The result is certainly, as you can see in the video below.

A cheaper solution

Fortunately there are cheaper solutions to this “problem”. There are several black screen protectors which gives a dark tan white face in a few seconds. The disadvantage is that you will be left with a white home button because you can stick anything over here.

This black-colored glass plates are also available well in the Netherlands, often for less than twenty euros. The only downside is that your iPhone is slightly thicker. But if you find important the color of the front, which makes few millimeters probably not much.

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