What is new about the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 is announced at the Apple event in San Francisco only after many other things have been considered. So there was some attention paid to Apple Music and the festival that is linked to it. Furthermore, the news came out that Super Mario Run comes to the iPhone with one hand to play. The new Apple Watch was announced and it was announced that Pokemon Go soon to be played on the Apple Watch. The new generation of the Apple Watch was presented in an impressive way, but the wait was of course the announcement and presentation of the iPhone 7.


The new device comes with iOS 10 and that brings a number of innovations along with it. The home app makes it possible to control devices in the home. There are hundreds of home automation products on the market and see if it is subject Works With Apple HomeKit is, these are suitable for use


The new iPhone design 7 does not differ much from the previous smartphone and looks largely at some details after no different. But inside the unit are some changes have been made and it is true that the smartphone in additional colors will be released, including the jet black color. For the realization of this color is made use of a new technique. This color was moreover equally seen when Apple released a tweet out before the event is officially launched. The other colors are black, gold, silver and rose gold. The device can then also no longer be obtained in the known gray color space.

Dual Camera

The dual camera that the iPhone 7 Plus incorporates a large number of enhancements in addition to that of course there is a dual camera. This makes it possible to make better pictures in low light conditions. The stabilization of the iPhone 7 Plus is just as good as the smaller model. Moreover, it is so that there is still more special functions in the field of photography are possible. For example, there is the camera there is a 2x optical zoom.

Water resistant

In initiating the karaoke car was equally discussed watertight and that was also still quoted in a tweet of Apple’s twitter account. During the presentation of the iPhone 7 became clear that there is indeed a waterproof iPhone. Furthermore, the device is not only waterproof, but also dustproof.

Stereo Speakers

In other news which was brought out on the new Apple smartphone is that there are stereo speakers. That of course means that you hear better sound, and especially when listening to music.

Home button and Retina HD Display

The home button is changed and there is a HD Retina Display with a 25 percent brighter picture. This is sure to mention one of the innovations, because the image displayed during the presentation comes across very clearly.

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