Top reasons to buy the new iPhone 7

You’ve had the opportunity to pre-order by females for the iPhone 7 from September 9, which is available in the Netherlands since September 16. Maybe you did not have to order and doubt you one bit if you do or not to purchase. Then know that there are excellent reasons to buy the iPhone 7. If you know these reasons, the move to buy smaller and you will only need to find a suitable provider if you purchase the device in combination with a subscription to the new smartphone.

Choice of new colors

One reason to buy the new iPhone is that you have the opportunity to make a choice of new colors. Besides that the device is available in silver, gold and rose gold, the possibility to choose black or jet black. It is there that the thick black and jet-black version of the most popular colors to belong. New colors always have great appeal and furthermore everyone sees that you have the latest iPhone if you have a version in black or jet black. Incidentally, there is still something to say about the colors, but on that of the screen. There is a wider color gamut available, so that creates a more vivid, clearer image. in addition, the display is 25 percent more becomes clear.

Stereo Speakers

The new Apple smartphone is equipped with stereo speakers. The activation data is carried out by the unit a quarter turn from the portrait orientation. At that time, the telephone speaker will function as a second speaker. When in portrait mode keep the unit you only hear sound from the speaker from the bottom. The iPad Pro models are also equipped with this technology, but even feature four speakers. That there are stereo speakers for those who listen much music via mobile excellent reason to buy this device.

Perfect image stabilization

The new iPhone is equipped with optical image stabilization. That means you can go for much better pictures if there is poor lighting in the area. The videos you make much more stable. The optical image stabilization is not entirely new, since the iPhone 6S Plus and 6 were already provided there. The camera is a lot better anyway. That is another good reason to go about acquiring them.

Dust-proof and water-resistant

There are already a number of reasons to buy the smartphone and there may still be fed two, namely that the device is dust and water resistant. The device has previously granted even the official rating for given, namely IP67. This suggests that dust protection is provided at the highest level. The device is water-resistant for a period of thirty minutes to a depth of a meter under water. It is not that the unit is completely waterproof and can survive a long wash in the washing machine without more.

Dual camera iPhone 7 Plus

If you are someone who has frequent in hand smartphone to take pictures, then you might consider to purchase Plus. This device is in fact a dual camera comes with 12 megapixels. One camera acts as a telephoto lens and other camera as a lens. You can therefore make very large images and achieve perfect zoomed pictures. Incidentally, it is also possible to work with in the depth of field pictures. The background may remain vague for example, and the portrait is then very sharply forward.

A10 Fusion processor and better battery

The list of reasons can be further supplemented by, among other things, the addition of the A10 Fusion processor and an improved battery. The new device is also faster and more powerful. The improved performance stem from the application of the A10 Fusion processor. The advantage is that there are delivered faster performance, but that the battery is not considered here has to suffer. 7 has the longest battery life of any Apple smartphones ewe are marketed. The battery life for the standard version goes for comparison with the 6S two hours longer and the 7 Plus has an hour longer battery life compared to the previous version.

In order Netherlands

Order in the Netherlands since September 9 as possible. As of September 16 launched the free sale of the unit. It is when placing an order, of course, of importance in order to make a good choice. Therefore be not only the best prices, but also indicated the best deals.

It is quite unique to mention that the new smartphone so soon in the Netherlands, but also available in Belgium and that even two days after the presentation of the device could be already done a pre-order. Netherlands and Belgium were not previously in the group of countries that offered the first opportunity to get the new iPhone in possession. That is the beginning of this year has changed, so you can make right now to use the option to buy the new device.

The 32GB has a price starting at 769 euros, the 128GB version is priced at 879 euros and the 256GB version is priced at 989 euros (versions with screen of 4.7 inches). The Plus versions (5.5 inches) are obviously some pricey here and the 32GB model starts at a price of 909 euros. For the 128GB version, you pay 1019 euros for the top model in the form of the 7 Plus 256GB you put down 1129 euros. In almost all models, you have the choice of five colors, but black and the black version are not available and with storage capacity of 32GB. Regarding the offers of the device in combination with a subscription, we recommend you to compare the best deals from providers with each other.

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