Studying iPhone XR & XS Comparisons before Buying

In 2018, iPhone releases three smartphone products. XR and XS are among the lineups. These two smartphones are received well by public. If you do not know which one to choose, you should studyiPhone XR & XS comparisons. Each phone should be better than the other in certain aspects. However, knowing the right phone that will be suitable for you by comparing it with another phone is a great approach to make better decision.

Studying iPhone XR & XS Comparisons before Purchasing

Every smartphone has multiple components that will affect its usability. System specifications, camera quality, and battery life are among the pivotal aspects to be discussed in iPhone XR & iPhone XS comparisons. They are really essential parts in a smartphone. Price should always be taken into consideration as well. User should always get the best phone that is still within their budget limit.

Let’s talk about the phone’s performance. These two phones actually do not differ much when it comes to specs. Bionic 12 is used as the chipset in both products. The OS applied in them is iOS 12. XR and XS also come in three different storage capacity options: 512GB, 256GB, and 64GB. The difference lays in their RAM sizes. XR is equipped with 3GB RAM while XS has 4GB RAM. It is understandable that XS can run a little bit faster.

Camera quality should also be taken into iPhone XR & XS comparisons. They are packed with different camera resolution. There is only one main camera in XR while dual cameras can be found in XS. The resolution is similar, 12MP. These two phones have 7MP front cameras. When it comes to taking pictures or videos using main camera, XS definitely comes on top. It is also equipped with the ability to capture fast moving objects.

Battery life is also a necessary aspect in smartphone. When someone is buying a phone, he or she will be expecting phone that can stay on longer without charging. This is especially important for people with high mobility. XR wins in this category. It is equipped with 2942mAh Li-ion battery that easily beats XS’s 2658mAh Li-ion battery. XR can stay for longer period of time without being charged. User can even utilizes the phone to access multiple apps at once and the battery power will not reduce significantly.

In the list of iPhone XR & XS comparisons, price tag is perhaps the one that is making buyer’s final decision. The price of these two phones cannot be more different. XS is priced significantly higher than XR. However, such price tag is not criticized too much because everyone knows that XS has luxury upgrades from its predecessor. User should consider their budget beforehand, though, before buying.

As you can see in certain aspect XR may be better than XS and so is otherwise. The iPhone XR & XS comparisons that have been discussed above should be helpful to you when making decision on which phone to buy. Choose phone that will fit you the best, taste and functionality wise.

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