Do you still need a computer next to an iPhone 7?

Smartphones have been busy for years with a big advance, often at the expense of traditional digital devices like the desktop computer and the laptop. Where sales of these machines are decreasing ever more, smartphone sales increase enormously. In many countries, people even override the laptop or computer and only use their smartphone.

This is due to an often bad infrastructure when it comes to wired internet and wifi abroad. The cancellation of telephone stations appears to be a lot easier for many governments. In countries such as China, but also in Kenya, a huge digital capture is now being made. But is it really so easy to use only a smartphone? Or is the old-fashioned computer still important?


The IPhone 7

With the help of perhaps the best phone of the moment, the iPhone 7, this is unmistakable. The specifications of this unit are in any case not available. The iPhone 7 has a working memory of 2 GB, a storage space of 32 GB, a Quad core processor and a 4.7 inch screen. With the iPhone plus this is even 5.5 inches. Compared to a normal computer, this is of course not very impressive. For example, an average computer has many more storage space and is usually a lot faster.



However, you can ask yourself to what extent it is still necessary. In recent years, working in the cloud has been a huge boost. Apple, Microsoft, Google, and many other companies offer free space to store online files. That can be both online documents such as videos or photos. The big advantage of this is that you do not have to physically store them on your phone. A small memory, combined with a normal paid subscription to iCloud, ensures you always have enough space. In addition, you can always access the files and you are not limited to the physical presence of your computer.


Operating system

In addition, computers often work with heavy operating systems, while Smartphones and their associated applications are designed to work as easily as possible. The only thing you often encounter is that apps store many cached data. These are, for example, your search information on the browser, as well as your video preferences on Youtube. These data make the apps more user-friendly, but also charge the phone heavier.


Where does the iPhone 7 beat the PC?

When it comes to heavy performance, a computer is better equipped than an iPhone 7. However, for most people, this is totally unimportant. For them, the major benefits of an iPhone are a lot heavier. Especially the fact that you always have a smartphone at hand is very important. In addition, a phone has a number of features that you hardly find in a laptop. These are first and foremost the camera, but also the ability to communicate quickly and easily and play music. The possibilities in the car are also much larger.


iPhone 7 Camera

At the iPhone 7 and certainly at the 7 plus, the camera is very busy. According to Apple, it’s the best they ever made. Compared with the iPhone 6, the lens has grown a lot, which greatly improves the quality of photos and videos. With the iPhone 7 plus, there are even two lenses, allowing you to zoom in with minimal loss of quality. As a result, the iPhone 7 is almost a professional camera that allows you to create beautiful photos and videos. Something no computer can handle. Sharing and saving automatically is no problem. To get the best from the iPhone 7, it is advisable to buy some good accessories for the iPhone 7. For example, think of an iPhone tripod, or a selfiestick. This allows you to clearly picture yourself. Also good software for editing videos and pictures is of course important. Of these, you can find many examples in the App Store.



An iPhone 7 also has a much better functionality when it comes to communication. First, you can still use a phone to call. In addition, nowadays, almost all communication apps, such as Skype, are still like decorations on the laptop or PC. Most people only use them via their smartphone. In addition, most apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp are fully developed for use on the smartphone.


IPhone 7 earphones

However, for communication, it is important to buy some additional accessories for the iPhone 7. Think of the wireless earpods. The iPhone 7 is the first phone without a fixed headphone output. The wireless earpods are what Apple regards the future. This gives you instant contact with the iPhone 7, and you do not even need to unpack your device to make a call. If you still want to use your regular iPhone 7 earphones, you can purchase a special cable that provides headphone input via the USB port.


iPhone 7 in the car

Buying a third and last major advantage of an iPhone 7 over a normal computer is the fact that you can use it more and more in the car today. A growing number of people now have such large data bases that they can use the iPhone 7 as a navigation system and music devis. Many modern radios offer a usb input, or can create a direct Bluetooth connection. For many commuters this is a big development. This way you can completely figure out what music you want and you do not need an expensive navigation system. Also, of course, you will need the necessary accessories. For example, a car holder for the iPhone 7 is indispensable, otherwise you will not have a good view of the navigation. Additionally, it is also useful that the battery does not drain completely. This simply loosens you with a car charger, charging the iPhone 7 via the cigarette lighter.


Office, movies and iPhone 7 case

Today there are only a few things you can not do with your smartphone and for which you really need a laptop or computer. One of the few really important applications are the so-called office options, such as writing a document. For this, you really need a keyboard. You can also connect to an iPhone 7 wirelessly, but that’s not ideal. Also watching movies is of course finer on a big screen. Thirdly, an iPhone 7 is also more vulnerable than a larger PC. So you need to buy a real iPhone 7 case.



However, if you look at where most people use their digital devices, most users will not go beyond messages from a few sentences on Facebook and rarely take videos on Youtube for more than five minutes. It seems that our entire digital life is more and more adapted to the features of the smartphone. Buying an iPhone 7, supplemented with some simple accessories, offers everything you need. Well, goodbye, but laptop!

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