Simple Solutions to Fix Terrible iPhone XR performance

Among Apple 2018 releases, XR is the best one in term of value. For its price tag, the phone’s features really stand out. iPhone XR performance is particularly praised delivering equivalent quality as other pricier products.The system is supported by modern Bionic chipset, spacious memory storage, and sufficient RAM space. Nonetheless, in certain occasions, this phone may not be able to perform as it is supposed to. There are some performance related issues commonly found in this phone. Let’s learn how to fix them.

Fixing iPhone XR Performance withFive Easy Solutions

Some users experience deterioration in iPhone XR performance. Performance issues can appear in various ways. The phone may be rebooting over and over again. User may also find it hard to access apps within their phone. Here are five different solutions that you can do to fix such issues.

  1. Restarting the Smartphone

This is perhaps the simplest way to fixing performance issue in your XR. When the phone lags, user can turn it off. It is advised not to immediately turn the device back on. User needs to wait for few minutes to let the phone rest. Performance issue may happen due to the phone being overworked. After few minutes have passed, user can turn on their phone. Regular lag is usually fixed using this method.

  1. Cleaning Up Phone’s Storage

Another reason for issues in iPhone XR performance is because the phone’s storage is packed heavily. Because it carries too much weight in the system, the phone will have a hard time to run smoothly. User can go to “Settings” menu on their phone. In the submenu named “iPhone Storage”, user will be able to check on storage usage. Unimportant files should be deleted from the device to free up space.

  1. Updating the Operating System

Apple regularly updates its operating system. As you may already know, iOS 12 is applied in this phone. User should update the OS as it is released. If not, performance issue may ensue. User who does not keep up with OS updates usually experiences performance issues in their phone. This is because the OS is no longer compatible with other apps in your XR which have been updated to fit the latest OS.

  1. Deleting Cookies and Data on Browsing App

Another way to fix iPhone XR performance is by deleting cookies and data on browsing software. To open certain websites, user is often required to download cookies and caches. This activity also takes space in phone memory. If user does not regularly clean browsing data, it will get piled up and make the phone experiencing lag.

  1. Resetting Network

User is also asked to recalibrate the network setting when the device has performance issues. It is particularly applied to activity that is related to internet usage, such as downloading external files. User can simply go to “Settings” menu. In the “General” submenu, there will be “Reset” option. User should choose “Reset network”. After that, user can check whether iPhone XR performance related to internet usage is improving.

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