Potential shortage of parts for new iPhone

There is a chance that with the launch of Apple’s new smartphone, there are a limited number of aircraft will be on sale. That has everything to do with Apple’s suppliers who are experiencing a shortage of parts for the iPhone 7. The problems arise in different parts. Thus, inter alia, be a problem with the supply of waterproof speakers. Also with respect to the camera which has a double lens, there are problems with the components. This information is obtained through anonymous sources and published in the newspaper Nikkei.

Deficit expected

The presentation of the new device found on September 7th place already during the big event that Apple organized and where other developments announced. It is normally the case that the new devices within a few weeks after the presentation already being offered for sale in stores. Before the devices are actually lying in the store, however, it is already possible to carry out a pre-order. That is only reserved for a limited number of countries, such as Germany, France and the United States. If the information appears to be correct, the anonymous sources and indeed the problems with the parts, can lead to deficiencies in sales.

74 million smartphones

At the moment the device is presented or launched, it is expected that a total of 74 million smartphones from Apple are available. At the launch of the iPhone 6S there were also problems regarding the production, but the number of available units was higher when a number of 84 million. It is so that suppliers are busy catching up on the backlog relating to the production problems regarding the iPhone 6S. It is also true that Apple to launch the iPhone seven fewer aircraft ordered in connection with the decline in sales of Apple smartphones. Thus, Apple would have ordered 15 percent fewer processors compared to last year.

Product Components

With regard to the product components is that there is to report some news. Apple would include better prices to the various components in order to keep on this way, the profits high. There manufacturers are also made new appointments, but manufacturers have or face a decline in sales. Declining sales of the iPhone would be a reason for Apple to achieve better prices. Moreover, the market sales in China seem to be disappointing because of Apple’s smartphones are increasingly being offered for sale with a price discount. The iPhone 6S 16GB is already sold in China at a price of 575 euros by China Telecom. That is a lower price than it paid in the Netherlands. Suppliers suspicion by the new price agreements that Apple is difficult to maintain high sales of the iPhone. The question now is how the iPhone 7 will be.

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