These photos were taken with an iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are now available in all the good dairies and several amateur photographers or professionals took the opportunity to test the capacities of these terminals in photo. The result is dazzling and these images should not leave anyone indifferent.

Apple quickly realized that smartphones were meant to supplant digital compacts and the company therefore invested heavily in the sector in order to take advantage of its competitors.

The first is indeed a 12-megapixel sensor surmounted by a stabilized lens composed of six elements and capable of opening to f / 1.8. Behind it, the module comes with a hybrid infrared filter and a focus system with Focus Pixel.

The second one goes even further by relying on a dual photo module consisting of two 12-megapixel sensors, sensors crowned with a wide-angle lens at f / 1.8 and a telephoto lens opening at f / 2.8.

The iPhone 8 Plus pushes the concept farther than its comrade in the field of photography and it is even entitled to two additional functions, very interesting functions: portrait mode and portrait lighting.

Thanks to these functions, the terminal is able to generate beautiful background blur to bring out our subjects and it can also modify the ambient light in real time in order to produce images more typed.

The light of portrait, the great novelty of the iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has pushed the concept far enough, because this mode of shooting relies both on the two sensors of the phone and on a chip specially dedicated to the thing. Thanks to the architecture of the iPhone 8 Plus, iOS has the possibility to create a depth map and then analyze the features of the photographed subject in order to generate the most natural light possible.

And the craziest, of course, is that everything is calculated in real time.

Several photographers had the opportunity to take charge of the iPhone 8 Plus and they naturally took the opportunity to test this mode of shooting and push the phone in its last entrenchments.

The result is definitely worth the detour – despite the compression – and these photos finally prove that it is not the camera that makes the photographer and that a good composition can change everything.

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