Necessary iPhone XS Camera Tips and Tricks for Better Results

Do you have an XS? Like most iPhone products, this smartphone is blessed with high quality cameras. On its rear side, you will find two 12MP cameras. Its front camera is 7MP which is not bad at all. Knowing some iPhone XS camera tips and tricks will be useful. User can snap the best quality pictures if they know what to do with the camera. In addition to that, such knowledge is beneficial to help preserving phone camera at top condition.

Some iPhone XS Camera Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

There are times when you need to capture pictures when the lighting is mixed. On the object, you will find area that receives intense light and area that is relatively dark. One of iPhone XS camera tips and tricks that you can attempt doing to deal with such condition is AF/AE Lock setup. This setting enables user to lock a focus on a certain spot with flexibility to move around to capture picture from other points. Here are the steps to set it up.

  • Decide on object that you want to capture.
  • Press a spot that will be the focus for several seconds until “AF/AE Lock” box appears.

A feature that is offered by the phone’s camera is portrait mode. This mode is going to give narrow depth of field effects to your images. It does not only work well for human object. You can capture animals and even non-animated objects well using this mode. Among iPhone XS camera tips and tricks offered for this mode, choosing background that is not too bold and complicated is highly recommended. If the background is uncluttered, you will have better chance in producing great quality portraits. The background will be able to complement your main object well.

You may encounter special occurrence that rarely happens. It makes sense that everyone wants to document such even. Luckily XS camera is capable of performing this particular task. The phone has burst mode that allows it to capture fast moving objects utilizing split second shots. This phone’s shutter does not experience lag so taking such pictures will be smooth sailing. Here are the steps to use it.

  • Hold virtual button located in Native app for several seconds.
  • User can also hold down the volume control button located on the phone’s side for several seconds.
  • There will be a popup showing the shots phone has captured in rapid succession.
  • Arrange to look at the shots in playback for automatic grouping.

One of the iPhone XS camera tips and tricks that will be discussed next is format options. Many phones only offer one format. Sometimes, this causes images captured by phone cannot be opened in other devices. XS enables user to save images in various types of format, though. If the image is intended to be saved in phone, “High Efficiency” format is highly recommended because it does not take too much storage space. If the image is planned to be moved to another device then “Most Compatible” format is suggested.

Those are only some basic iPhone XS camera tips and tricks that you ought to know. Try to discover more knowledge related to the camera usage for better results!

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