Knowing Methods of How to Fast Charge iPhone XS

It is not strange to have your phone at hand any time of the day. It becomes almost like a main staple in everyday life. XS owner should learn how to fast charge iPhone XS because of this. Newly released phones come with this particular capability, this model is not exempted. If the phone can regain its battery power within short period of charging, user can easily have it on the go. Busy phone user may not have enough time to recharge phone battery since the process can take hours.

The Methods on How to Fast Charge iPhone XS

Do you know how to fast charge iPhone XS? It is important to have the right tool for that. Charger that supports fast battery charging is a necessity. However, not all chargers will work together with an iPhone XS. User must find a compatible charger so that this function will actually work. Here are several charger options that you can use.

  1. USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you are buying an XS, you will not get complementary charger that allows fast battery charging. The charging cable that comes with this product is a standard USB-A with 5W power. When user utilizes this standard cable for charging, the process will take several hours to completion. It certainly does not bode well with people who have high mobility. Apple comes with a USB-C product which is not included in the XS package so user must pay extra money.

How to fast charge iPhone XS using this cable? The official USB-C cable must be paired with an adapter. User is highly suggested to buy it with Apple owned power adapter that is compatible with USB-C cable. The company releases several options: 87W, 61W, 30W, 29W, and 18W. The 18W adapter is sufficient to support rapid charging.

  1. USB Power Delivery

Apple products are relatively more expensive than other products in the market. User who wants to get this fast battery charging function can still have it at lower price. How to fast charge iPhone XS without using Apple cable? User can actually utilize alternative charger that has USB Power Delivery quality. The cable must be USB-C and its adapter should transfer enough power to the cable.

When it comes to buying cheaper charger that does not come from phone’s manufacturer, it is suggested that user chooses charger from renowned brand. Such charger will be more reliable than other lesser known products in the market. In addition to that, user needs to match the wattage of power adapter with the wattage of their XS. It is done to prevent Lithium Ion batter in the phone from damage due to receiving too much power.

If user utilizes this fast charging capability, they can recharge phone battery up to 50% of its full capacity in half an hour. You do not wait for a long time at all just to have the phone going again. Half full battery will help user getting through a busy day just fine. Hopefully the knowledge on how to fast charge iPhone XS is useful to you.

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