iPhone XS Reviews : The Pros and Cons of XS Based

If you are looking for a fancy phone with great specs, perhaps you will be interested in XS. It was released in 2018 to anticipating audience. Based on iPhone XS reviews from current users, this device make improvements in several aspects of the previous release. Nonetheless, just like any other phone, it has several flaws. It would be better if you study some reviews of XS before purchasing it. That way, you will know what you are getting into.

Learning the Pros and Cons of XS from iPhone XS Reviews

The phone brings about slight improvements from X model. From performance perspective, it is quite delightful phone. The chipset equipped in this phone is A12 Bionic. It is paired with RAM with capacity of 4GB. Such combination will ensure that this phone will be able to run smoothly. iPhone XS reviews have proven that it is the actual case. The new smartphone employs iOS 12 that can easily be upgraded into iOS 12.1.3 when the version is released. Buyers have three storage capacity options: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

ros and Cons of XS from iPhone XS Reviews


XS is smaller if compared to fellow 2018-release, iPhone XR. The dimensions are 2.79 x 5.65 x 0.30 inches. The frame is made of stainless steel material that is more durable than aluminum. Its back and front parts consist of glass. It weighs 177 grams. There are several color options, the most popular ones being space gray and gold colors.

Through many iPhone XS reviews, you will notice that display is the highlight feature of this phone. XS has screen size of 5.8 inches which is about 83% of screen to body ratio. The display technology employed in this phone is Super AMOLED. It can process about 16 million different colors. The resolution offered by XS’s display is 2436 x 1125 pixels. Dolby Vision, 3D Touch, and high dynamic range are features that you can find in the screen. The glass material of its screen can resist scratches.

Just like any other Apple phone, the camera quality in this smartphone is also admirable. It is armed with dual rear camera. Both cameras are 12MP. They have several amazing features, such as: HDR and double tone flash. Videos with resolution of 2160 pixels and stereo sound can be recorded using these cameras. It is also equipped with a front camera of 7MP. iPhone XS reviews show that the front camera is quite formidable too.

A non-removable 2658mAh Lithium Ion battery is planted in the phone. It powers the phone up to 72 hours if it is not used for complex task. Wireless charging technology is also supported by this phone. Some users find several issues in this phone, particularly in the battery aspect. XS is packed with great features but not accompanied by more powerful battery. Others also relay their wishes for design changes because this phone does not show new innovations in regard to design.

Perhaps the biggest complain related to this phone is its selling price. It is considered too pricey even with several upgrades equipped in the phone. The upgrades that you find in XS are great, but you should think twice before purchasing it since there are several cheaper alternatives out there. Hopefully, these iPhone XS reviews can help you to decide.

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