iPhone XR Reviews: High Quality Smartphone with Acceptable Price Tag

In 2018, iPhone released several new phones that received enthusiastic reception from public. Among them is XR. If you are one of the people who are interested in buying this phone, reading iPhone XR reviews will be helping immensely. Every aspect within this relatively affordable phone will be discussed, such as battery power, camera, and design. In the end, buyer will be deciding if XR is worth their money.

What do iPhone XR Reviews Tell You about the Product?

The tech company releases three new smartphones last year. XR is the most affordable product among those three. Even then, many iPhone XR reviews have cited that it is one of the best products for its value. It delivers great performance. This phone is equipped Apple Bionic 12 chipset. The graphic processing unit is quad-core while the central processing unit is hexa-core. The system is paired with 3GB space of RAM. The phone is able to run various programs smoothly without glitch. Operating system being utilized in this phone is iOS 12 that can be upgraded to 12.1.3 version.

Camera is another pivotal aspect in smartphone. XR is armed with front and rear camera. The front camera is a 7MP one with high dynamic range (HDR) feature. Rear camera has resolution of 12MP. The rear camera has several features including HDR and dual-tone flash. Using the main camera, user is able to record videos with ultra-high definition quality. A downfall of the rear camera is that it lacks double optical zoom. Another thing is that the portrait mode can only be applied is the objects are people.

iPhone XR reviews related to the phone’s design are quite favorable. It is a relatively big phone. This phone dimensions are 2.98 x 5.94 x 0.33 inches. The front and back parts of XR are made of glass material. Its frame is made of 7000 series aluminum. The total weight of it is 194 grams. Buyer gets six color choices, including yellow and blue.

Another great thing that you will find in this phone is related to its display. Current users are raving about it in iPhone XR reviews. As implied in the previous part, this phone has quite big screen. It measures at 6.1 inches. It can provide 1792 x 828 pixels quality display with 16 million colors. The material is glass that can resist scratch. There is an extra protective layer of oleophobic coating over the glass. It is sensitive to touch, with 120Hz tactile sensory.

The highlighted strength of this phone is definitely its battery. Inside this phone, you will find 2942mAh Lithium Ion battery that’s attached to the body. The phone can stay on up to 78 hours without charging. Even if you are using it for varied tasks, it can go on more than a full day without having to be charged. The phone supports wireless charging. Its charger also enables fast charging. There are other features that make this phone a desirable option for those who wish for high quality device with acceptable price tag. These iPhone XR reviews should tempt you to buy one.

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