iPhone XI Rumors and What to Expect from It

Apple changed phone market and industry with iPhone. After several generations, people want to know more about iPhone XI rumors. New thing from this device will be reference for other vendors and manufacturers even though they are in Android market. Rumor started after new XS model was released. As you know, it is the latest product, including iPhone XS Max. The next XI will belong to thirteenth generation that’s expected with advanced specs, sophisticated technology, and elegant design. More about new iPhone will be at the following sections

The Specs, Design, and Tech in iPhone XI

It is difficult to point out which tech and design to be in the new iPhone. One reason is that Apple does not let anyone to take hint about what new product will look like. People and analysts try to expect what the tech and design that Apple adds. Three aspects are important when discussing new phone. You should start with the design and tech since both aspects will use the specs to support.

Since first inception, iPhone X became standard for bezel less design. Many manufacturers and designers imitate this model to put into their device. Apple still keeps the area at top for camera and sensor. It looks imbalance composition, particularly at the left and right side. However, iPhone XI rumors might redesign this style to meet customers’ demand. Apple shrinks that space at the top and become only small dot. The front camera is still obstacle for many designers that implement bezel less model. Another option is back to classic design with full view and symmetrical mode, but only reserve tiny line at top.

Regarding the camera, X and XS uses dual mode 12+12 MP at rear side and 7 MP at front side. With less space at the front display, Apple still has responsibility to install the best camera for selfie. In that case, the camera might get improvement up to 10 MP. Well, iPhone XI rumors also include expected capacity at the rear camera. It might keep the dual mode, but the resolution is more than 12 MP. As alternative, Apple tries to add triple mode. However, the main purpose is not how much camera you get, but it’s about quality and capability to generate the best picture and video recording.

After the design, Apple will improve CPU and GPU. The latest model still keeps Apple A12 Bionic as CPU. New iPhone XI might use A13 CPU or better A12 to support the performance. CPU needs reliable RAM with capacity at least 4 GB. From iPhone XI rumors, the new device will have at least 6 GB as RAM. However, it brings significant price as it’s more expensive. To overcome this situation, Apple will create three variants consisting of regular XI, XI Max or big version, and less specs one. They use the same specs, except the display size of 6.0, 6.5, and 5.8 inch.

People expect much for new iPhone that’s capable to beat the competitor in Android market. iPhone XI rumors explain that most of features and specs from previous model are still available. Apple focuses to improve CPU and big battery to bring the new product and attract more consumers.

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