IPhone XI Release Date and Specs to Expect

You might wonder about iPhone XI release date. Well, people started to ask this matter since early 2019. As usual, Apple always keeps everything in dark without any hints for the new release. However, some experts and analysts make a prediction regarding when the new iPhone is ready on market. That’s not enough because everyone also wants to know the specs and new features in XI.

Important Things Related to iPhone XI Release Date

Apple is the top company in smartphone market and computer industry. Since inception, iPhone becomes iconic device and top center in smartphone market. Most people think the price for iPhone is expensive because of advanced specs and technology. Both are the key reasons, but you cannot forget one thing. Apple develops environment and platform to support hardware in order to perform at the top level. When you purchase iPhone, you get more than mere device. There are software, cloud system, security, customer support, and others. That’s why iPhone becomes the best company in smartphone market with no competitors that come close in term of platform and system.

Until now, the recent models are XS, XS Max, and XR. They have the same design, but different display size and minor specs variations. XS is the first one that comes into market. Apple released this device in September 2018. After that, XS Max and iPhone XR are ready few months after September. From this timeline, you can expect iPhone XI release date that might be officially introduced this year in early August, and to be sold in market at September.

After discussing iPhone XI release date, now move to its specs. It is interesting topic when exploring the specs for new iPhone. Since X model, Apple seems to try hard to bring something new. The X model started as the revolutionary stage for the next generation. Moreover, the last model with old and conventional design was iPhone 8. After that, XS and XR adopt bezel less display that’s completely different from their predecessor. This situation will happen for XI with slightly change.

Many vendors adopt iPhone style for their product. In order to complete, Apple needs more than regular feature. iPhone XI release date should bring new thing or most advanced features because iPhone is the center where the rest of vendors will look up to for their next products. Apple might change the display style with expanded bezel less edge at the top. There is still enough space for camera, but very small.

Apple might be the smartphone with the lowest battery capacity compared to others. However, it can keep longer due to high efficiency. New XI is expected to last longer. Wireless charging will help to keep the device at full capacity in short time.

Well, the last one is price as interesting part to discuss. Based on recent mode, you will expect to spend more than $1000 or more for new iPhone XI. As alternative, Apple also introduces the cheap version after the iPhone XI release date is official announced.

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