IPhone SE vs iPhone 7 Plus: Compare price and specs

With the arrival of the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone SE must measure itself with a device to overcome it on almost every level. Is it time for an iPhone SE 2? Or is the current 4-inch iPhone still worth it?

IPhone SE vs iPhone 7 Plus: Compare price and specs

When Apple released iPhone SE in spring 2016, the small device took it against the iPhone 6S. With the same A9 chip and enhanced 12 megapixel camera, Apple was able to tip the power of the iPhone 6S into the small jacket of a 4 inch smartphone. Thanks to its relatively cheap entry price of € 489, – the SE was also the cheapest iPhone ever released by Apple. Half a year later, the price of the SE is still the same, but the device can measure with the brand new iPhone 7. If you make the two, the differences are immediately apparent.

The iPhone 7 has a better screen, better camera, faster specs and the new home button. If you look closely at this comparison, the choice for the iPhone 7 is so fast, but that would be too short by the turn. The iPhone SE, because of the smaller format, is a place in the market where there are very few alternatives.

On the Xperia X Compact of Sony, there are only 4 inch smartphones in the year 2016. And that’s a pity, because the smaller design is definitely worth it. For example, during the review of the SE we were used to the less large screen space. Sending messages with one hand is also a lot easier, as well as taking the device into your pocket. The improvements made by Apple this year with the iPhone 7 are small enough to keep it out of the iPhone SE for a year. Because Apple released the SE only early this year, the smartphone can still count on iOS updates for years to come.

Time for the iPhone SE 2?

The big question is whether Apple is planning to make an annual tradition of iPhone SE. Because we saw the first SE only this year, it’s not clear how often Apple wants to present a new version of it. For example, can we see an iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 7SE at the beginning of 2017? Or was this a one-time trip that will only be repeated in a few years?

A rumor that appeared a few weeks ago may tell us more about it. The rumor around the iPhone 8 is already running out, revealing that Apple is considering three editions of the 2017 iPhone. The rumor was a 5-inch device, which makes it just a bit bigger than the iPhone 7. Everyone then assumed that this 5-inch iPhone would be in between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but of course Not to be the case

For example, Apple’s 4.7-inch format of the iPhone 7 may be slightly increased to 5-inch, for example, to give the device a dual camera lens. A new 4-inch iPhone has meanwhile the latest specs of the moment and also get a similar design to better connect with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With the success of the SE, Apple has enough reason not to use the aging of the iPhone 5 again. For us, it would make the choice for a new iPhone a bit more difficult. For example, we love our iPhone 7 Plus, but we regularly miss the handy format that the iPhone SE reminds us of.

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