iPhone 8 waterproof even better than the iPhone 7

The iPhone Apple releases this year is even better against water and dust than the iPhone 7, with an IP68 certification.

iPhone 8 waterproof

The iPhone 8, as the new device may be hot this year, gets an IP68 rating. Or so The Korea Herald writes from multiple sources. According to the message survives the new iPhone thus for half an hour and a half meters under water. The iPhone 7 Plus and many other smartphones that are waterproof and dustproof, do it with an IP67 certification. Thus they can also be a half hour under water, but up to one meter deep. Incidentally, there is already another smartphone with IP68-rated on the market, namely the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The iPhone 6S would already contain some form of water resistance, but only since the iPhone 7 device is actually a certificate. The IP68-rated, the ‘6’ for dust-free, which means it is almost impossible for dust to enter the unit. The “8” means that the device can be 1.5 meter underwater for up to 30 minutes.

splash proof

Although the iPhone 7 can withstand water, Apple describes it as a ‘splash-proof’. Good enough to use it when it rains and when he falls once in a sink with water or a pool, which is not so bad. If your device only has again soon. IPhone 7 with water still covered by the guarantee. Apple also warns that you should not charge a wet iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 rumors

Over the next iPhone go some rumors. So there would appear this year possibly three devices: iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8. The latter is then the most expensive model and given only an OLED screen for better colors that curves along the screen edges. The front and back of the device may be of glass with strong stainless steel at the edges. Possibly also added wireless charging and is the home button on the screen.

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