iPhone 8 Plus: Apple investigates a battery problem

Apple confirmed that it was investigating a possible defect affecting the iPhone 8 Plus batteries after three customers based in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan released images of their brand new smartphone heavily damaged.

Are we at the dawn of an “iPhonegate”? Nothing allows for the moment to affirm, but Apple has taken seriously several cases of iPhone 8 More distorted following the swelling of their battery. The Apple brand confirmed to the MacRumors site that it had opened an investigation after the release of several shots showing iPhone 8 Plus damaged.

The Chinese site iFeng has relayed images published by two customers who had just received their smartphone. A Taiwan-based woman said that her iPhone 8 Plus screen had peeled off under the pressure of the battery which began to swell while the device was in charge. She said she had used an original Apple charger.

A gas reaction could cause the battery to deform

A second similar case occurred in Japan and a third in Hong Kong, relayed by the Newmobilelife site. It seems that the lithium-ion battery of these iPhone 8 Plus has inflated under the effect of a gas reaction that could be caused by a significant temperature difference. Lithium-ion batteries are temperature-sensitive and can be subjected to “thermal runaway”, which can lead to explosion or combustion.

This is the problem that met Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7 last year. After being forced to remove the smartphone from the market, the Korean manufacturer recognized manufacturing defects on the two battery models it had used. There is no indication at this time that Apple is confronted with a concern of such magnitude. The three cases of deformation of battery on iPhone 8 Plus are located in Asia and it is not impossible that the transport conditions had an impact, if adventure the products were exposed to high thermal amplitudes. To be continued…

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