iPhone 8, iPhone X: a very good deal for Samsung

The next few months may be very hot in the smartphone market between Samsung and its Galaxy S8 and Note 8 and Apple that will launch its new iPhones. The apple could succeed in grabbing market share at the world number one but for the latter, an apple carton will be synonymous with jack-pot for the South Korean.

Because the new iPhones are composed of many Samsung components and not the least. The iPhone OLED Super Retina screen is exclusively supplied by the conglomerate, which is the only one with enough production capacity to satisfy the demand of the apple. He is also the only one to master the production of these screens.

The balance of power is therefore reversed and Samsung was able to impose a fairly high price for this component: between 120 and 130 dollars according to KGI Securities (against less than 50 dollars for the conventional LCD screens) which explains in part the very high price of the iPhone X (starting at 999 dollars) and its availability probably reduced during the launch in November. Overall, Samsung would recover nearly 15% of sales of each iPhone X …

But that’s not all: Samsung provides other components present in these new iPhones: multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), printed circuit boards (PCB) and even some batteries, advances the South Korean press.

For Apple (and its margins), this situation will not be able to continue Ad vitam æternam even if Samsung may still long master the offer of OLED screens. In July, the Korea Economic Daily reported that Apple had invested more than $ 2 billion in LG Display to ensure the supply of OLED. Google would have done the same for the future Pixel 2 XL.

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