iPhone 8: Better to use your Touch ID than the facial recognition of the iPhone X!

For Apple, it’s clear: facial recognition, also called Face ID, of its iPhone X represents the future. Yet, according to a test conducted by Apple Insider, it is better to opt for the Touch ID of the iPhone 8.

With its brand new smartphone called iPhone X, Apple has very big arguments. In addition to having powerful technical features, it has a huge borderless display and Face ID technology. A technology developed by the firm and supposed to equip most of the brand’s devices in the future. But must we immediately turn to the Face ID of the iPhone X (which grips abound on Youtube, pending testing of the high-tech press)? According to Apple Inside, who performed a test, it is better to be patient. The iPhone 8 unlocks faster with its Touch ID.

According to the GIF below, the iPhone 8 distances the Face ID by almost a second when it comes to unlocking the device. A second that can have its importance and often makes all the difference during a speedtest. And we know how much aficionados of smartphones are picky about speed! Not to mention that in low light, the Face ID of the iPhone X (which also makes invisible notifications) can be difficult to operate. Of course, if you want to buy the latest Apple, we can only encourage you. The beast still has some nice features.

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