iPhone 7 release date and preorder

The date of release of the iPhone 7 in the Netherlands is known and therefore is also known immediately if you can do a pre-order. On September 16 2016, the iPhone 7 officially available in the Netherlands and can already be made a pre-order from the time 9:01 pm at various providers on the new device include in combination with a subscription. The date September 16, you can immediately record and if you want to pre-order, you can do so on 9 September. With a pre-order you are guaranteed of course, fast delivery and you have one of the first people the new Apple smartphone in the Netherlands possess.


You can book easily and quickly the iPhone 7 prematurely. It is of course advisable to do so as soon as possible, because there will certainly a run on the new smartphone from Apple. The moment you advance reservation does for the unit so that you can count on the day of release on receipt of the iPhone 7. You can register directly responsive to the free pre-order and thereby even chance of winning the brand new device.

Moreover, it is quite unique that the Netherlands and Belgium also belong to the first group, where consumers can qualify so early to do a pre-order and buy the device. In other years it was so that the release took place in America, Germany and France, after only a few weeks after the rest of the country’s turn. That has now changed and consumers who intend to purchase the new device also good news.


There are of course multiple providers with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can be taken out in combination with a subscription. You can view the presentation on this page of the main providers. That makes it so easy to choose a provider that you receive the device’s release date of September 16th.

Of course you can choose between various devices and several GB. You also have the choice of different colors, so you can consider multiple needs. The entry level 16GB is gone, because the entry-level model now starting from 32GB to 128GB that will climb to finish in 256GB. Regarding the color, there are several options available, which features, among other things depend on the model chosen. The colors are jet black, black, silver, gold and rose gold.

Be there in any case quickly if you want to be in the Netherlands from the first to the new device by Apple in hands. As mentioned, you just have to do a pre-order, which is from 9:01 pm possible on 9 September 2016. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can you keep your hands on September 16.

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