IPhone 7 Red: Everything you need to know about this edition

Apple had announced it and the American firm finally unveiled its new red iPhone 7. This new version of Apple brand smartphones has been launched for a good cause: to support the fight against HIV / AIDS in the world. Indeed, part of the profits linked to the sale of these phones will be donated to the RED project. We tell you everything you need to know about these new Apple smartphones.

Why crack for this red iPhone 7?

Purists will remain skeptical about the reasons for cracking for this series of Red iPhones. Nevertheless, we have unearthed some reasons that should push you to buy this device.

Because you will support a good cause

Indeed, Apple is once again partnering with the (Product) RED to fund the fight against HIV / AIDS around the world. This project supports the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and provides funding for a variety of projects to combat or prevent AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

Because the color is unique and seductive

It must be admitted that this iPhone 7 Red is at the top, aesthetically speaking. If this is not the first time that Apple markets RED products (iPod and iPhone cases before), this is the first iPhones in this color. This matte red, or ruby, will seduce fans of design and unique devices. In addition, this version is limited; Only a few devices will be produced.

Because you want to buy an iPhone simply

If you are not yet at Appel and you want to buy a smartphone from the brand to the apple, so do one stone two strokes. Indeed, buying a red iPhone 7, you buy not only an Apple design phone, but also you contribute indirectly to the fight against HIV / AIDS.

Is there anything new under the hull?

Apple does not market a new iPhone under any circumstances. This is simply an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus red color. However, Apple announces that for both smartphones, only 128GB and 256GB versions will be available. Thus, the Cupertino firm hopes to upgrade and no longer offer 16 GB, 32 GB or even 64 GB devices. As for the other technical specifications, nothing has changed. The same goes for the price of the two versions the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus that has not changed.

In addition, the red color of this new iPhone only concerns the back of the phone. The front of the unit, as for him, remains white as the central button. The more skeptical will be able to give a similar appearance to their device by just buying a “RED” hull. Note that by buying a red hull you are also contributing, to a lesser extent, to the fight against AIDS.

In short, this new iPhone 7 Red (RED), special edition and limited, is a marketing blow of the brand. Apple is looking to boost the sales of these devices pending the release of its next jewel the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8.

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