A iPhone 7 red allows you to achieve a good action

Apple has decided to upset its daily life by offering an iPhone of a totally different color. Certainly, the Cupertino firm has had the opportunity to bring some novelties in its catalog, but this time it is for the good cause.

An iPhone 7 Red unveiled to fight against AIDS and other diseases

The Apple does not usually propose some innovations in its catalog, so it is surprising to see the emergence of a iPhone 7 red that offers a beautiful dress. If you are an amateur, know that the pre-order could be expensive, but Apple followers already know these pricing charts well above average. This is why some consumers prefer to move to a reconditioned iPhone that offers a much lower cost. This tip proves to be appreciable since you get a phone almost new in some contexts while the amount is clearly removed from that unveiled in the catalog of the Cupertino firm.

A beautiful red dress, but no change in terms of characteristics

Many followers choose this mode of operation because it gives you the means to enjoy the latest technologies. Certainly it is very rare to get a refurbished iPhone 7 at a competitive price, you will undoubtedly have access to previous versions that remain very exciting. As for this new color, it is unveiled to fight AIDS, it is for this reason that it is offered a beautiful red dress that could meet the expectations of fashionistas. Customers are now able to choose their smartphone according to style, because the shell is practically considered as a fashion accessory in its own right. Such a iPhone 7 red could thus harmonize perfectly with the trends of the spring / summer 2017 season.

A relatively high price which is around 800 euros

The cost will therefore be very high for certain fellowships, but it is important to specify that it remains true to the practices of the Apple. It will take around 880 euros for the iPhone 7 model while the Plus version will be charged 1019 euros. Apple nevertheless justifies this particularly high price because part of the funds is repaid for the fight against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Marketing will not be done via traditional distributors, so it is useless to point to the classic platforms that put the iPhone in their catalog. The Red version is only pre-order now and it’s through the Apple network that transactions will be made.

An iPhone 7 Red developed in partnership with Bono

Some may still find this initiative a bit unpleasant especially as the iPhone 8 is about to come out in a few months. If Apple’s traditional calendar is respected, it could make its debut in September. Therefore, is it worthwhile to disburse such a sum of money while a new model is being produced? The only reason for drawing such an exorbitant amount around this good deed. If you however tend to invest a few euros in the fight, this purchase could prove useless unless you absolutely want a iPhone 7 red. Some critics might insist that a special hull is needed to benefit from this hue. Regarding this design, there is a little story that is related to the Red Association. The latter, unveiled 11 years ago, was created by Bono, and is therefore very active in the search for solutions to fight against these diseases. Apple has decided to sign a collaboration with it to develop a customized iPhone 7.

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