IPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus in comparison: 4 important differences

You may want to buy an iPhone 7, but you want to know first, in which the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus at all differ? Our comparison shows the differences between the display size.

Only in the fall, the iPhone 8 will be available to buy, until then the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus remain the current smartphone flagship in Apple’s portfolio. If you want to buy one of the smartphones, you want to know, of course, exactly what both iPhones differ at all.

1. Differences in size and weight

The most serious difference is, of course, the size of the models. While it brings the iPhone 7 to a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, the iPhone 7 Plus is even 5.5 inches – the screen sizes are therefore the third year unchanged and will be by Apple since the release of the iPhone 6 in 2014 exactly the same used.

With 138 grams to 188 grams, the difference is noticeable in terms of weight. If you buy the iPhone 7 Plus, you will get a Phablet, which is not the ideal choice for smaller hands. If possible, both devices should be taken into their own hands to get a picture of the size and weight differences.

2. Display the iPhone 7 Plus has higher resolution

And the resolutions of both smartphones are also different. The display of the iPhone 7 solves with 1344 x 750 pixels, the iPhone 7 Plus with Full HD, ie, 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also with the Pixeldichte the larger iPhone with 401 ppi against 326 ppi with the iPhone 7 the nose in the front. This difference, however, is hardly visible to the human eye.

The pure power is almost identical. Inside both devices the Apple A10 Fusion chip. But: The iPhone 7 has 2 GB of memory, the iPhone 7 Plus, however, 3 GB of RAM. This is a difference, but it is likely to play a role in benchmark tests. Both models run smoothly in everyday life.

3. Biggest difference: The iPhone 7 Plus has dual camera

With the features and the remaining equipment, however, there is hardly any difference in the range of devices – except for one big exception. In the iPhone 7, a common camera performs its service, while the iPhone 7 Plus features a dual camera. As a result, the larger model has a wide-angle and telephoto lens. So you can shoot with the iPhone 7 Plus photos with a real dual optical zoom, while the iPhone 7 only the usual digital zoom can be used.

Means: You can zoom almost without quality loss, even with video recordings. Both smartphones are equipped with an optical image stabilization. In the previous two generations, this feature was always reserved for the shake-free recording of the Plus model.

The dual camera setup provides yet another feature of the iPhone 7 Plus, which is missing on the iPhone 7: the portrait mode. By software update, Apple’s depth-of-field function was a few weeks after the release of the device. This allows you to focus objects in the foreground, while the background is blurred at the same time. This makes the option, as the name suggests, particularly suitable for recording people. The portrait mode is already known in a similar form as a bokeh effect of SLR cameras.

4. iPhone 7 Plus provides better battery life

Due to the larger design, the battery capacities of both models also differ. While Apple gives the iPhone 3G 3G 3GS with up to 21 hours, the iPhone 7 is up to 14 hours. And also with the pure stand-by duration, the Phablet with 16 days running time the nose in front, while the iPhone 7 maximum to 10 days brings. It is only a question of theoretical values. Although the Californians do not specify the exact capacity of the battery, Teardowns have long ago revealed them. So the iPhone 7 has an energy storage with 1960 mAh, the iPhone 7 Plus over a battery with 2900 mAh.

Conclusion: Photography fans grab the iPhone 7 Plus

The differences between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are comparatively low and show up primarily in the differently sized screen diagonals and the dual camera, which is only installed in the plus variant. If you like to shoot with your smartphone camera and film, the iPhone 7 Plus is thanks to its versatile dual camera certainly the better choice.

In times of ever larger screens, the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 7 also seem almost small. For some users, however, the comparatively handy screen for the purchase should be the decisive factor. And the price should be an important criterion: The iPhone 7 is available from 759 euros to buy, the iPhone 7 Plus starts only from 899 euros.

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