IPhone 7 has an app to expel water from the speakers

If you have water in the speakers of your iPhone 7, with the Sonic application you can fix it without problems.

This year, 2016, Apple was chosen to introduce water resistance on two of its devices: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and the Apple Watch Series 2. With the case of Apple Watch, Apple even announced that the smart watch Could be used for swimming, and had a rather unique feature that allowed the Apple Watch to use its speakers to expel any remaining water that had leaked inside. Now it seems that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are also able to do the same, at least according to a Reddit entry made by the user PointlessPankcake.

According to his entry, this user accidentally wet his iPhone and water got into the speaker, which silenced the sound. He tried to rub alcohol to evaporate the water, and when it did not work he decided to try to imitate the Apple Watch feature with an application called Sonic.
An application to extract water from your iPhone

“I generated a tone that literally drove the water out of the speaker. You may have to change the tone a bit to get the water out of your phone, but it is close to 165. In any case, while the tone is playing you will see small drops or bubbles come out of the speaker, take a piece of absorbent material and remove them As soon as they come out of their hole. “

We do not know for sure if this method is really effective or if it works, but if you run into this problem and want to find a way to expel water from your iPhone 7 without going to a store, maybe it’s worth trying. The Sonic app is available through Apple’s iTunes App Store. We leave you with a video so you can see how this feature works, just in case you are curious! In any case, we remind you to always be careful with your device, to avoid needing solutions like that.

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