iPhone 7 32GB  has worse performance than 256 GB

The 32 Gb iPhone 7 will have worse storage performance than the 256 Gb model.

If you’re wondering which iPhone 7 model will be right for you, you’d better know this before. Obviously, the 32GB model of internal storage is cheaper than the 128Gb or 256Gb model, but it seems that not only will you sacrifice space in the mobile, but also speed and performance. Or at least that’s what the tests done by the guys at Unbox Therapy show.

In the video we show you, the guys at Unbox Therapy compare an iPhone 7 with 32 Gb of internal storage and a iPhone 7 with 256 Gb, and although their read speeds do not seem too different, their writing speeds are, at least, Dispares The test shows that the 32 Gb internal storage model has a write speed of 42 Mb per second, while the 256 Gb model has a write speed of 341 Mb per second. 8 times faster. Of course it is a performance change to keep in mind.

This is a real test

Some of you may be wondering if this comparison is fair, since in general, benchmarking tests are more theoretical than practical, and you are right. For this reason, the guys at Unbox Therapy decided to test in the real world, when transferring files from a MacBook to an iPhone using a USB cable. In this particular test, it was shown that a 4’2 Gb file took about 2 minutes and 34 seconds on the iPhone 7 of 256 Gb, and about 3 minutes with 40 seconds for the iPhone 7 32 Gb. Almost a minute more Of duration.

We also remind you that this performance difference only applies to writing speed, which means that if you transfer files from your iPhone often, you may not notice the difference. However, in terms of accessing files, the difference is not so great, so the performance change may not be noticeable. But if the speed of writing is important to you, maybe it makes up for more with the iPhone 7 model with more capacity.

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