How to Set Up iPhone XR in the Beginning Stage?

XR is a new Apple phone that has high quality specifications but with quite affordable price. More people are deciding to buy it for those reasons. If you are still new to this phone, knowledge on how to set up iPhone XR should be handy. Setting up your phone is the first and foremost thing that should be done when getting a new one. Without proper setup, it cannot be used at all.

How to Set Up iPhone XR as Beginner User?

When user is turning on a newly bought XR, he or she is expected to set it up so that the phone can be used as intended to. Beginner may fumble a little bit when it comes to this. How to set up iPhone XR properly on your own?

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Place finger on “Slide to set up” then slide it upward.
  3. Choose the language of your preference.
  4. Choose country or region where you reside.
  5. Choose a Wi-Fi network. If the device is out of range, the choose “Cellular”.
  6. Read through Data and Privacy information. Click on “Continue”.
  7. Choose whether you want to activate location service. If not, click on “Skip Location Services”.
  8. Establish a passcode.
  9. Set up the Face ID.

As a new Apple phone product, this phone is equipped with facial recognition feature or Face ID. This tool can as a security layer to your phone’s data. User can unlock their phone and accounts by scanning face. Here is how to set up iPhone XR FaceID.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Face ID & Passcode”.
  3. Type down the passcode.
  4. Click on “Set up Face ID”.
  5. Click on “Get Started”.
  6. Make sure that you are facing the camera and that your face appears within the circle mark on phone screen.
  7. Slowly, move head in circular motion.
  8. Click “Continue”.

In addition to such standard setup, phone owner can also customize the overall setup of their phone. They can change ringtone from the standard one to a tune that they favor. Xylophone is a ringtone unique to this phone. User can also choose whether they want to update apps manually or automatically. Automatic update is a standard. It is also possible to change the home screen background to images that you like.

The steps above are used if you want to know how to set up iPhone XR from the complete beginning. But at times, user just wants to backup important files and applications from their old phones. If the previous phone is also an iPhone, user can utilize iCloud to back up old data because normally the cloud is linked to phone data. User is also able to download old applications that they use to install in the old phone.

Setting up a new phone is an important step for new user. It must be done so the phone will be able to run smoothly. Now that you have known how to set up iPhone XR, you should do it immediately.

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