Exploring the Top IPhone XR Features in Various Aspects

Apple has timeline to introduce new iPhone each year. In 2017, iPhone 8 was not alone because new iPhone X was also a part of the event. After one year in market, new model was released again as replacement. One of them is iPhone XR. What are the top iPhone XR features? People have interesting opinion regarding this matter. Several aspects will be explored at the below sections.

Main Points of the Top iPhone XR Features

In term of design, IPhone XR still retains bezel less approach with minor space for camera and sensor. Apple does not change much in term of appearance for XR mode. It has 6.1 inch display that’s longer than XS, and shorter than XS Max. The display uses Liquid Retina with resolution 1792 x 823 pixel. You can see the clear graphic with 16 million colors. To accommodate display and body frame, Apple puts high-grade aluminum to protect the device from fragile and external force. As a result, you feel comfortable when grasping this smartphone.

The other top iPhone XR features are Face ID, wireless charging, battery, and advanced CPU. Face ID is platform to recognize user’s face before accessing this device. It is revolutionary technology in term of security and safety matters. Instead of fingerprint scanner, Face ID is far better and more secure. Wireless charging might not new thing, but iPhone improves the base tech for this feature. It is capable to recharge battery faster than predecessor. Moreover, XR is the updated version of XS, though it’s not significant. The battery comes with bigger capacity of 2942 mah. Apple claims it can last one hour and half longer than XS mode.

In past time, Apple reintroduced some iPhone variants with various colors. For example, it happened for iPhone 5C that consists of some colors, such as red, blue, yellow, and gold. This is what you see from XR model because Apple provides six colors. They are black, yellow, blue, coral, red, and white. You can get fancy iPhone with coral and yellow colors. XR in yellow is interesting because the last model with such color is iPhone 5C. Therefore, the color option is a part of top iPhone XR features.

When discussing about iPhone XR, everyone must see the camera and chipset. In rear side, iPhone XR still has similar camera as XS. The camera uses single mode with resolution 12 MP and 7 MP for front one. Well, the camera is one of reason why people buy this device. As one of the top iPhone XR features, its cameras have capability to capture clear view, including UHD video. Apple uses Bionic A12 as chipset. It is faster and more efficient than its predecessor. With 3GB as RAM, this chipset will work perfectly to boost the device performance.

The last one is price that’s less expensive than XS and XS Max. You can get this device for less than $800. It is not new way from Apple to produce less expensive model. Apple does similar thing to several iPhone variants in past time. However, it does not mean XR is less advanced than XS. On the other hand, the top iPhone XR features bring this product as bestseller variant at all.

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