Comparison of iPhone 7 price in 33 countries is very significant

If you look at the selling price of iPhones in different countries, one would think that the iPhone is not the same iPhone. Many factors make up for different prices. Business Insider has now seen the 7-price iPhone study by Deutsche Bank accurate and represents the iPhone-state price heading.

Comparison of selling price

In the study, US banks chose iPhone 7 with 128 GB and compared the final device in 33 countries together. For this one down to Apple stores and various online retailers as a base.

Expensive it, if you see the leaders of the list. Turkey makes it to the equivalent of 1,200 US dollars. A steep price, caused by the political instability of the country, as well as the exchange rate. Followed by fans of this Brazilian iPhone has put the equivalent of 1,115 US dollars over the table. The following tax rates have an impact primarily on prices, since products not manufactured in Brazil are also taxed.

In comparison, the United States is again offering the lowest selling price. Here, the iPhone will cost 815 US dollars. In fact, Apple sells the device for $749, but since in the US each country’s control is not included in the base selling price, they should be taken into account then. Thus depends on where the iPhone was purchased. Delaware, for example, does not levy taxes on the iPhone.

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