CEO Apple – Sell iPhone 7 at break due to iPhone 8

Apple presented quarterly figures last night and they looked rosy again as usual. It saw increasing sales and delivery of iPhones. Nevertheless, the sale of iPhone 7, especially when it comes to topman Tim Cook has a logical explanation.

He denies what he calls “iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pause” to the huge rumor flow around the iPhone 8. Apparently everyone looks forward to this iPhone without screen edges to delay their purchase. Cook expects a lot of the jubilee device. This autumn, the 10th generation of iPhone is expected and, according to all rumors, it will be much more innovative than predecessors. Despite this, Apple sold just over 41 million iPhones last month, an increase of 1.6%. Added together, Apple has already sold 1.2 billion iPhones.

There was more good news, especially because of the new iPad (2017). After four consecutive quarters, sales of tablets did not fall anymore. The cheaper iPad is apparently striking. Apple also shifted its focus to the tablet with iOS 11, which consumers apparently see. In China, however, it went a little less, because for the first time it did not show double growth rates for the first time. Chinese turn out to be less faithful than elsewhere and easier to switch to cheaper brands. Apple has a cheaper model in the range, the iPhone SE, but at the time of writing almost one and a half years old, and rumors about a possible successor are missing. For the time being, we have announced the announcement of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the illustrious iPhone 8.

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