Is this the back of the iPhone SE 2017 ?

Apple is expected to arrive later this year with three new smartphones, the iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus, but a new rumor suggests that a new version of the iPhone SE may also be in development. On Weibo, a site that regularly publishes news and pictures of unannounced products, a picture of the alleged back of the iPhone SE (2017) has appeared.

IPhone SE (2017)

The picture shows the back of the device in black, with an opening for the camera module and a LED flash in the upper left corner. The position of the camera and LED flash does not match what we’ve seen up to now about the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s, which allegedly will be based on the design of the current iPhone 7 Series. It is therefore obvious that it is the back of the iPhone SE 2017.

The Apple logo and the usual text are also visible on the back. In addition, we see the model number N79 on the image and mention is made of Ion-X Glass, the same material that is also used for Apple Watch Sport.

How seriously we must take the rumor is the question, because it seems that the image has been edited. So we wonder why the logo and the text are so badly visible. In our view, it is more likely that the back comes from another smartphone and that the Apple logo has been added to Photoshop later.

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