The Apple iPhone 7 are the best-selling smartphones

If Samsung is the king of smartphones, it is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that remain the most sold models on the market.

Two major manufacturers and a challenger today share a large share of the smartphone market: the ultra dominant Samsung; The very solid Apple; The rising star Huawei.


Yes, but in practice, what are the most popular smartphones on the market? Strategy Analytics reveals that they are neither models of Samsung, nor models of Huawei, but offers signed Apple.

In the first quarter of 2017, the most sold smartphone was the iPhone 7, with 21.5 million copies distributed, or 6.1% market share. In second place, Apple still, with the iPhone 7 Plus, sold 17.4 million units; 4.9% market share.

Oppo creates surprise

In third place, it is Oppo which pulls the pin of the game with its R9s. A smartphone sold at 8.9 million units in the first quarter of 2017, or 2.5% market share. Samsung is ranked 4th and 5th in the ranking, with Galaxy J3 (6.1 million, 1.7% market share) and Galaxy J5 (5 million, 1.4% market share).

The strategy of the manufacturers appears here clearly, with an Apple side, which is present only on the high end, with a limited number of models. And on the other hand actors like Samsung (or Huawei), which offer a catalog very rich in references, to boost the overall volume of their sales. With sometimes shooting stars. Today the Oppo R9s. Tomorrow probably the Galaxy S8.

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