Apple gives iPhone 7 photo tips with short videos

The cameras of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are very good if you use it in the right way. Apple will help you with a series of short videos with 16 iPhone 7 photo tips.

Apple gives iPhone 7 photo tips with short videos

To optimally use the iPhone 7 camera, Apple has created a new page on its website. Here the company presents a series of short videos today. It does not matter what kind of photo it takes: portrait photos, close ups, vertical views and panoramas, Apple has plenty of tips and tricks for it.

In addition to taking pictures, Apple also proposes some best practices when it comes to editing photos. In total, there are 16 tips on the page, which are recorded in detail with a short video. The fun of these new tips is that they go beyond basic functions. Even if you’ve taken pictures with an iPhone for years, there are undoubtedly some things you’re up to.

So good is the iPhone 7 camera

In the past, Apple has also turned on the help of professional photographers. They provided tips for better use of the iPhone 7 Plus portrait feature. Also at iPhone, we have already started working extensively with the camera, where we have listed four practical tips in the article below. The full set of sixteen photo tips is available on Apple’s website.

Watch a short video Tips iPhone 7 photos below


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